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The Integrative Medicine Shoppe
The Integrative Medicine Shoppe was developed to support you along your health journey! Each item in the Integrative Medicine Shoppe has been personally chosen by Dr. Link and the IMC staff after careful research into the quality, production, and sourcing of ingredients.
The shoppe stocks a range of nourishing and delicious products including olive oil sourced from around the world, canned salmon, snack foods, and condiments that support a healthy lifestyle.
Home & Personal Care
The shoppe has a curated collection of natural and affordable soaps, face washes, moisturizers, and sunscreens. We also stock household cleaning products free of harmful additives.
The shoppe provides medical grade supplements of the highest quality. Dr. Link personally selects each supplement based on manufacturing process, clinical testing, and effectiveness.
The shoppe has a wide range of cookbooks to promote nutrition and maximize healthful eating. Ask any staff member to recommend their favorite cookbook!
All products from the Integrative Medicine Shoppe are available for no-contact pick up or can be shipped directly to your door.
Call-in order: (573) 616-8899
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